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Eco Chemical is an environmentally savvy technology company. We bring the latest developments in paint chemistry and the best thinking about environmental stewardship to bear on our customers’ paint and coating problems.

Dedicated to Innovation

When you choose Eco as your paint and coatings vendor, you also get a paint and coatings consultant. Our R&D team is constantly scanning for new developments in raw materials and methods that will improve our existing products or help develop a revolutionary new product.  For example, Eco Temp-Line was the first product on the market that made fast changeovers on synthetic turf fields a practical reality. Eco Temp-Line Grass Turf Marking Paint (released in the fall of 2009) is a revolution in paint packaging: an ultra-concentrated, two-part system that ships in a cardboard box.

Putting Environmental Principles to Work Since 1991

Since opening its doors for business in 1991, Eco has manufactured only waterbased, non-toxic paints and coatings. However, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Mark Cheirrett, was not focused on environmental stewardship when he began developing Eco’s first product, a waterbased polyurethane coating.

Mark had just sold his interest in a paint manufacturing company that made some of the most toxic, high-performance coatings on the market, and he was ready for a change. On at least two occasions, working in the laboratory had made him sick. He also knew that it would be an uphill battle to build a solvent-based paint company in Seattle because of environmental regulations and concerns of the fire department.

He had time to think about his next move, and he spent that time researching waterbased paint technology. Within a year, he brought to market one of the first waterbased polyurethanes, and from that point developed a line of waterbased paints and stains that have helped customers solve a range of environmental problems. Along the way, Eco consistently made business choices that made good environmental sense. Click here to read about Eco’s history of developing and manufacturing environmentally responsible coatings.

Development of Temp-Line Turf Marking Division

In 2002-2003, Eco worked with the Seattle Seahawks to address a problem plaguing managers of synthetic turf fields. The industry needed a turf marking paint that could stand up to wet weather and player wear-and-tear, and then remove easily when the field needed a fast changeover.

Eco Temp-Line and Temp-Line Remover were the first products developed specifically for the unique challenges of the synthetic turf, multi-purpose athletic field.  (See Eco’s History of Product and Environmental Innovation.)

In order to focus appropriately on the special challenges of athletic field paints and coatings, Eco Chemical has organized into two divisions:  Eco Temp-Line specializes in waterbased coatings for synthetic and natural grass athletic fields, as well as equipment for applying and removing the line-marking and removal products. Eco Coatings focuses on waterbased stains and primers for wood products, and a broad range of other environmentally responsible specialty coatings for niche markets.  

Headquartered in Pacific Northwest

Eco has its corporate offices, research laboratory and manufacturing facilities in the city of Seattle, and has established markets locally, nationally, and internationally. Led by Mark Cheirrett, co-founder and chief technical officer, Eco’s research and development team has an impressive history of product and environmental innovation.

Eco’s Leadership and Staff

Mark Cheirrett, President and Chief Technical Officer, founded Eco Chemical with Jerry Bermes, CEO and Chief Financial Officer, in 1991. Mark has worked with water chemistry for over 40 years: as water & waste lab technician in the U.S. Air Force; industrial water chemist and field engineer; owner of a company that manufactured electronic control systems for process water chemistry; owner of a company distributing corrosion-related equipment and coatings; and co-founder of Wasser High-Tech Coatings, a manufacturer of moisture-cured urethanes.  Finally, anticipating increasing regulations at all government levels for clean water and air, Mark and Jerry founded Eco Chemical in 1991.

Jerry Bermes has an extensive background in manufacturing, marketing, sales, and business management. Prior to joining Mark to found Eco, Jerry was president, CEO, and majority stockholder in Unicorn Industries, a public company that owned all National Car Rental franchises in Montana. Unicorn also manufactured and marketed sweaters in the U.S. and Canada, employing 100 employees and 32 sales representatives.

When you call with a question about an Eco product, you won’t get a robot voice or switchboard operator.  Eco Chemical is a family-owned business where you can expect personal, friendly service. This means that your order and any required customer support will be handled by people you can get to know. 
Personal service and creative ideas often get lost in the shuffle at large, corporate companies.  We aim to keep it simple; focus on our customers’ needs and never lose sight of the fact that our employees are the foundation of our service.

Mark Cheirrett, President 
Peg Cheirrett, Vice President
George Brandt, Vice-President, Operations
Jeff Fisher, TempLine National Sales Manager & Equipment Specialist
Mike Boone
, Western Regional Sales Manager, Stains + Paint,
Walter Sadowski, Senior Chemist
Frank Jahns, Operations & Shipping Lead

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