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Natural Grass White

Eco’s ultra-concentrated turf marking paint for natural grass fields replaces a 5-gallon pail with thin plastic bags in a recyclable cardboard box…reducing your shipping costs, storage space and waste. Enjoy the performance and ease of use you expect in a quality turf marking paint, while significantly reducing your impact on the environment. 

Our unique system is adjustable, allowing you to mix various qualities of paint.  If all 4 bags of paint mix are used to make one 5 gallon batch, you will have a super bright, professional paint that is ready for a televised game day.  Use just two bags of paint mix (per 5 gallons) for bright lines that are perfect for general game day use.  Add 2 extra gallons of water to that batch for an economical practice field paint that's easy on your bottom line.


  • Equal in performance to conventional turf marking paints.
  • Easier to mix on the field than 1:1 conventional turf marking paints.
  • Contains no VOC’s (unlike aerosols and most other latex paints), so spraying our product has no effect on air quality and is healthier for workers.
  • Eliminates 60% of conventional packaging waste. Temp-Line Natural Grass is packaged in thin, tough bags inside a recyclable cardboard box—eliminating the plastic pails that end up in local landfills.
  • Eliminates 60% of the shipping weight. Our unique packaging also allows more paint to be shipped in less space, saving on fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A typical pallet will hold 96 boxes, which will provide 960 gallons of useable paint.
  • Reduces storage space by 60%.  An ultra-concentrated product saves warehouse storage space.  One pallet of Temp-Line Natural Grass 10-gallon boxes contains the same volume of turf marking paint as three pallets of conventional paint in 5-gallon plastic pails.
  • Free Shipping!*

*Freight is pre-paid on Temp-Line Natural Grass unless expedited.  Receiving equipment is required on pallet deliveries or extra shipping charges may apply.

 **EACH BOX PROVIDES TWO 5-GAL KITS ( 1 bag powder and 1 bag paste per kit).   MAKES 10  TO 20 GALLONS OF USEABLE PAINT****


Discount pricing available on large orders and for professional field care businesses.

per 1 Box = 2 Kits = 10 gallons, (Quantity discount pricing available)

Eco Temp-Line Natural Grass turf marking paint gives you an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional grass paints.  Being green no longer means having to sacrifice performance.  You’ll be amazed by the opacity, durability and water-resistance that Temp-Line Natural Grass offers.  You’ll appreciate how easy it is to mix and apply. With bright, crisp lines that won’t break your budget, Eco makes it easy to be green.

Temp-Line Natural Grass paint comes in boxed kits [two bags of powder and two bags of paste in one cardboard box].  One bag of powder and one bag of paste make 5 gallons of grass paint.  Each kit can make 10 gallons of useable paint at regular concentration.  The amount of water can be adjusted to make a more or less concentrated product.